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Verdamper's quality, plug
Feb 24 2013, 17:38
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Hi. First of all, I beg your pardon for my orrible english (I'm from Switzerland). So, I wish to know if whit the verdamper delux and the verdamper travel version, vaporize is the same thing, at level to shots.
And I wish to know if whit the verdamper small I must insert the flug in to the socket.
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Feb 28 2013, 10:59
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hi Lorenzo.. if you mean about the vaporizers from 'De verdamper.nl'? they have all te same capasity,
big or small or mobile.. and for the small socket? this fit's in you sigaretlighter in you car.. have fun, take care and hae a nice day, Lex

Mar 03 2013, 10:14
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Hi. You didn't answer my question.
And I repeat that I am a foreigner, so I please you write a correct english. Thanks a lot.